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The Financial Quarterly - Q3 2021 Thumbnail

The Financial Quarterly - Q3 2021

Despite breaking multiple records, a rocky third quarter ended with a thud as concerns about inflation, political brawls, and viral variants weighed. Let's take a look at how markets performed and what we might look forward to in the months to come.

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Responsibly Funding Our Priorities Thumbnail

Responsibly Funding Our Priorities

On Monday, The House Ways & Means Committee released their proposed legislation titled “Responsibly Funding Our Priorities”. The preliminary tax legislation, which circulated on, and off Capitol Hill, would raise as much as $2.9 trillion to pay for most of President Biden’s sweeping expansion of the Social Safety net by increasing taxes on the wealthiest corporations and individuals (those over $400k of income). While this proposed legislation is only the 1st draft and is still far from law, so far it is the best glimpse into what we might expect. Here are some of the key points.

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Why are the headlines terrible? Thumbnail

Why are the headlines terrible?

Headlines are looking grim again, so let's pause and take stock. Why are the headlines terrible? Because the media loves drama. This is not news to you or me or anyone who pays attention. The 24-hour news cycle is there to whip up emotions and keep us glued to the latest "BREAKING NEWS." So, what’s behind the noise and should we worry? Before we jump into unpacking the news, let’s take a moment and remind ourselves of how far we’ve come since the pandemic began.

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How Your Retirement Accounts Could Face Up to 70% in Taxes Thumbnail

How Your Retirement Accounts Could Face Up to 70% in Taxes

Many people have spent a lifetime saving and accumulating money in tax-deferred retirement savings vehicles like the 401(k), 403(b), 457, IRA, SEP IRA, or TSP Plan (non-Roth retirement accounts). In extreme cases, taxes could erode up to 70% of the value of these accounts without proper planning. Let’s look at the eleven potential taxes on your retirement assets.

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