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Q4 2021 & Year-End 2021 Market Review Thumbnail

Q4 2021 & Year-End 2021 Market Review

The Financial Quarterly

Markets delivered exceptional performance in a year that had a little bit of everything: politics, bubbles, meme stocks, inflation, runaway rallies, and sudden drops. Let's take a look at how markets performed last year and what we might look forward to in the first months of 2022.

Please enjoy our 20-minute Q4 2021 and Year-End 2021 Market Review

To download a copy of our market review, click here.

Key Takeaways for Savvy Investors

Despite another year of uncertainty around COVID-19 variants, vaccines, and the economy, markets delivered an extraordinary performance in 2021.

Looking back, while it's easy to cheer a strong year, let's not forget that there were many dips, pullbacks, and anxious moments along the way.

That's just part of the journey.What can we look forward to in 2022?

Signs point to continued growth amid hope that variants will become less dangerous as treatments advance and humans (and our institutions) adapt.

However, much of the "easy" recovery from the pandemic bottom is behind us and inflation, supply chain snarls, and labor market shortages remain thorny issues.

Given the market highs we’ve seen recently, volatility and pullbacks are very likely.

Overall, I'm cautiously optimistic about this quarter’s trajectory.

However, I'm also keeping a close eye on market conditions, as continued uncertainty could drive sudden changes.


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Dave Alison, CFP®, EA, BPC


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