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Understanding Charitable Trusts Thumbnail

Understanding Charitable Trusts

When it comes to strategic tax planning and management, one of the best ways to mitigate future tax on your investment gains or create tax savings to offset current year tax liability from investment sales or large income realization events such as a Roth conversions or business sale is through philanthropic and charitable giving. There are many charitable tools available depending on your personal financial circumstances, amount of charitable giving, timing of charitable giving, and last but not least, complexity of implementation. In today's post, we are going to focus on Charitable Trusts.

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Another wild ride Thumbnail

Another wild ride

Markets bucked and sold off again. Should we be worried? Not necessarily. These things happen pretty regularly, especially when headlines are negative. In fact, you might recall that we kicked off 2022 with a big drop. So, let’s talk about what’s behind the latest wild market ride.

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Russia, Ukraine & The Stock Market Thumbnail

Russia, Ukraine & The Stock Market

After much speculation about whether Putin and Russia would invade Ukraine, news of the invasion broke Wednesday evening that sent stock prices tumbling. As we watched this unfold Wednesday evening, with our phones notifying us of the stock market tanking, you might have felt that cashing out your investments on Thursday morning would be a wise decision, given the enormous amount of uncertainty in the market and the world.

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Is Your Life Insurance an Asset or Liability? Thumbnail

Is Your Life Insurance an Asset or Liability?

When I think about life insurance, the three words that come to mind are: Misunderstood, Mis-sold, Mismanaged Life insurance is one of the most misunderstood financial products by consumers. Life insurance is one of the most mis-sold financial products by insurance agents. Life insurance is one of the most mismanaged asset by wealth managers & financial advisors. The combination of these three M’s ultimately gives a very valuable product a tarnished reputation causing many to underestimate the importance of life insurance in a holistic financial plan.

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Q4 2021 & Year-End 2021 Market Review Thumbnail

Q4 2021 & Year-End 2021 Market Review

Markets delivered exceptional performance in a year that had a little bit of everything: politics, bubbles, meme stocks, inflation, runaway rallies, and sudden drops. Let's take a look at how markets performed last year and what we might look forward to in the first months of 2022. Please enjoy our 20-minute Q4 2021 and Year-End 2021 Market Review.

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