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Cost Structure

Flexible Service Options

We offer two options to engage our services in order to best fit your unique needs:

Comprehensive Wealth Management

Over the last 14 years we have developed and refined a process that puts all the pieces of the financial puzzle together for clients as their life unfolds and needs evolve.  It's called The Bucket Plan®.  Through The Bucket Plan, we take a holistic approach to financial planning.  We try to help maximize your life-savings to accomplish your unique goals by coordinating all critical areas of your financial life, including, Comprehensive Financial Planning, Investment Management, Tax Planning & Preparation, Insurance, Compensation Planning, Estate Planning, Social Security strategies, and Medicare.

To learn more about our new client process, click here.

One Time Individual Service

Have a unique situation or a one time need for professional guidance or tax representation with the IRS, reach out to our team to learn about our individualized service options to help you solve your challenge.

Our process always begins with an introductory call to determine if we are best suited for each other.

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