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Optimizing your money 

to meet your immediate, short and long-term goals.

At Alison Wealth Management, we utilize The Bucket Plan® as a part of our holistic planning process to:

Time-segment your investments to achieve immediate, short, and long term goals

Control investor behavior to enhance outcomes

Deliver a financial plan you can actually understand

How It Works:

Case Study: The Bucket Plan At Work
Brian, 36, and wife Alice, 32

Both Brian & Alice currently work demanding full-time jobs in Silicon Valley as well parenting a young daughter.


  • Their household income has them in a high tax bracket. They are awarded stock options as part of their compensation, so when it comes time to pay federal and state taxes, they are always in for a bit of a surprise. In addition, they don’t know if they are exercising their options as efficiently as possible.
  • They want to maximize tax-advantaged retirement account opportunities to both lessen their current tax burden and save for long-term retirement goals.
  • Alice has a Ph.D. and is working to pay off student loans.
  • They have one 2-year-old child, Katie, and would like to start college savings plans so she can one day go to Brian’s alma mater, Stanford University.
  • Living in Silicon Valley, real estate is expensive and moves quickly. They want to purchase a new home in the next few years and will need a large sum of cash accessible at that time to be a competitive buyer.
  • Due to their busy schedules, cash tends to accumulate in their checking accounts simply due to the lack of time to allocate it into other accounts that can work toward their goals.
  • When they do have free time, they want to spend it enjoying time with Katie and not stressing about their financial affairs.


Step 1: Understanding Where You Are Now

Our first step was to go our introductory process to fully understand Brian and Alice’s current financial picture and what they both wanted to accomplish. Once we had organization around goals, objectives, and current finances, we were able to produce a holistic plan within the framework of our three bucket approach. We mapped out exactly how they can achieve their short-term, intermediate, and long-term goals without the stress and anxiety of having to comply with a rigid budget.

Step 2: The Bucket Plan

Brian and Alice Today

Fast-forward 3 years later, Brian and Alice found that home in Menlo Park they wanted to purchase. They called me on a Sunday night and needed cash in a hurry. By Tuesday they had the money from their Soon bucket in escrow ready to close on the home. They didn’t sacrifice the ability to still save for their retirement, and most importantly they didn’t lose any sleep over the previous three years because they had a solid plan in place to handle whatever came their way.

Approaching Retirement?

Brian and Alice are just one example of The Bucket Plan in action. Our process can be used at all stages of life for planning your financial future.

If you are approaching or in retirement, learn about one of the biggest mistakes we see people make:

The Money Cycle


What’s the solution…

The Bucket Plan®


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